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Would You Like to Become a Real Estate Investor?

Our Real Estate Training class teaches you how to become an exceptional Real Estate Investor from day one. 

We also offer a referral service that pays finder's fees when you provide leads for new property acquisitions.



New real estate investors are prone to making mistakes that could cost them thousands of dollars.

With over 38 years of real estate investing experience, our consulting services provide new investors with expert insights and proven approaches to increase the potential for success.

 Real estate tips

Real Estate Investment services


If you have missed one or more mortgage payments, we may be able to provide the funding to bring your loan to a current status. Alternately, we may be able to make a cash offer to purchase your home. 

We look forward to discussing options with you at your convenience.

Tip #1

When choosing a contractor, ask them to bid your project in stages. For example, demo may be the first stage. If they do a good job completing that stage, and do it on time and on budget, you can feel confident moving on to the next stage, and so on. 

A big tip within this tip:

Don't every pay in advance.

Come back and visit us for more helpful tips!

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