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We specialize in showing businesses how to:

1. Increase Sales

2. Lower Cost

3. Advertise Effectively 
4. Improve Accounting

And the list goes on.

Learn how to improved your overall operations.

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We offer a FREE Analysis of your business to evaluate your overall business operations and procedures.

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Real Estate Investing

CritiqueCo offers restaurant and bar owners with an inside look at their business. We visit as a customer and provide you with a written report regarding our experience at your restaurant or bar.

Our service is affordable and invaluable when analyzing employees, management, servers, bartenders and your overall operation.

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Need or want to sell your home, apartments or commercial property? We can pay cash and close quickly.

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Interested in becoming a Real Estate Investor?

We offer a Real Estate Training Class to show you how to become a RE Investor and make good decisions from day one. Give us a call or send us an e-mail for more information.

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